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Thinking about birthday party? Restaurant "The Apartment" is the best choice!

Where you can celebrate the birthday party in Moscow? And how you can celebrate this significant day? We have no doubt: only in our restaurant "the Apartment"!

It’s known that the birthday celebrates only once a year and let things drift is not worth it. Where to celebrate a birthday? This question requires careful consideration. If the budget allows, the solution is obvious - you need to celebrate birthday in the restaurant. And the best restaurant for birthday - is "The Apartment"! We can offer a flexible zoning or the whole restaurant booking. Also and simply you can reserve a table. Please contact us and we will help you to reach the right decision. To order a banquet for the wedding, give us a call by phone 8(495)518-60-60, 8(968)769-5027 or fill out the online order form.

День рождения в "The Apartment"

As for the answer to the question how to celebrate birthday, let’s read some advices:

1) Determine the type of banquet. It can be a surprise banquet, when the birthday man doesn't know about the upcoming celebration, and the traditional banquet, when the birthday man prepares for the event

2) Estimate the budget of the banquet. The most expensive part of your costs will be on food and music, especially live.

3) Make or buy invitation cards that include the theme of the banquet. If it's a surprise dinner, tell your guests about the importance of preserving banquet secret from the birthday man. Invitation card must include this information: place, date, time of arrival, contacts and information about parking.

4) Send invitation cards in three - four weeks before the party. Ask guests to confirm their participation in approximately three - five days before the event. In this case you can plan food and drinks.

5) Honored guests must come to the banquet after the arrival of other guests.

6) Determine the menu. Buffet style is suitable for large venues and often cheaper than sit-down meals.

7) Consider the theme and style of your event buying jewelry and choosing a DJ or group.

8) Confirm menu, music, reservations and events in three - five days before your party.

9) Engage helpers for organizing and bringing banquet. It can help with guests’ reception, so you will also be able to enjoy a birthday celebration.