The Apartment welcomes its guests daily at Barsenevskaya embankment 6 - 3, 4th floor.


daily from 11:00 to 23:00

Table bookings or additional information by calling


То маке a reservation:
Please call: +7(495)518-6060 и +7(968)769-5027

To order any venue (banquet, party etc):
Please call: +7(495)518-6060 и +7(968)769-5027

For job openings:
Please call: +7(495)518-6060


European style restaurant ready to cater to all types of planned events including: 

  • Small get together
  • Banquet (small and large)
  • Buffet
  • Breakfast party (upon request)
  • Brunch (upon request)
  • Carry out (upon request)
  • Airline Board Dinning (request in advance)
  • Corporate Parties
  • Birthday Parties

We are ready to offer a selection of not only European food, but also a variety of dishes from French, Italian and Japanese menus. For all events, we are willing to discuss any other options that may be of interest. 

We can provide entertainment for Children’s parties and with the help of our experienced confectionary team design a cake to order!

Standard Check Amount: $70 - $100

Order a banquet

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